Butterfly or Long Fin

Butterfly Koi Fish

butterfly koiThe Butterfly Koi fish or Long Fin Koi or even the American Koi as it is known is a very popular breed of fish in the United States. Seen as an inferior breed of Koi mostly in Japan and Europe due to its elongated features many traditional Koi breeders refuse to stock them. However, the Butterfly Koi is extremely popular in the United States and is readily available.

The Butterfly Koi originated in the mid 20th century when it was crossed with a wild Indonesian Long Fin river carp to increase the hardiness of the fish. As a result, the Butterfly Koi has longer fins, long barbells and pompom nostrils. It was noted that they looked like butterflies and that's how the name stuck. Butterfly koi are also known as Dragon Koi.

Butterfly Koi come in a variety of colors and breeds just as regular Koi do. If there is a particular breed of Koi there will be often a Butterfly or Long Fin version of the same breed.

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shipping_iconShipping your Koi - The price of shipping Koi fish varies from seller to seller. Some sellers do not charge anything for shipping, however most will charge around $50 - $60 depending on the amount of Koi you buy and how big they are.

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